The Muntham house school college hosts a diverse curriculum aimed at supporting young people with finding a potential career option for future development. In music, pupils will complete the Pearson BTEC Music industry studies course. This follows on from the course completed in Key stage 4. The department aims to encourage the construction of confidence as well as building strong, trusting peer and staff relationships.


Music provides a life skill to all pupils at Muntham house college that aids them in building confidence as well as exploring creativity in a safe environment. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves through a creative outlet and develop skills that will assist them in building a career within the music industry. Muntham house college’s music curriculum takes an inclusive approach that ensures a high standard of learning regardless of pupil needs. Pupils are encouraged to perform in group settings that build teamwork alongside healthy and trusting relationships. Furthermore, pupils are given the opportunity to showcase their learning through whole school shows. 


To ensure a high standard of teaching and learning, pupils are encouraged to work on a variety of topics. Once pupils find an area of interest, they are encouraged to excel within this area and given the resources/tools to do so. Pupils will be given the opportunity to extend their work in key stage 4 and complete a level 2 or 3 in this course, depending on the work completed in Key stage 4. Regular assessments each half term give both the pupils and staff a clear understanding of the progress being made throughout the year, as well as gaining a coherent knowledge and understanding of each individual unit of work covered throughout the school. The Muntham house college music department hosts an impressive space for music technology and performance. There are three classroom spaces, including a large music studio. This aids pupils in the practice of recording music, preparing them for potential careers in the industry. 


The Muntham House Music department strives to provide a supportive and collaborative attitude towards learning. We achieve this by offering investigative, practical and skills-based learning opportunities. In the MHC college, we aim to provide pupils with the life skills that will assist them in finding a career within the music industry. Alongside this, we have seen the positive impact that music can have on the lives of our pupils, past and present. Many have gone on to study music in College or University with the intention of pursuing careers in the music industry. Music provides students with a positive creative outlet, to help them express their emotions and aid their overall mental well-being. 

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