Duke of Edinburgh Award

At Muntham House School we offer Bronze and Silver Award from the Duke of Edinburgh (DofE). The award is an opportunity to discover new interests and talents, whilst also being a tool to develop essential skills for life and work. The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award is a nationally recognised accreditation. 

Completing an award involves: helping the community or environment, becoming fitter, developing new skills, self confidence and self-esteem. 

Any young person can do their Duke of Edinburgh’s Award: regardless of ability, gender, background or location. Achieving an award isn’t a competition or about being first – it’s all about setting personal challenges and pushing personal boundaries.

Through a DofE programme, young people have fun, make friends, improve their self-esteem and build confidence. They gain essentials skills and attributes for work and life, such as: resilience, problem-solving, team working, communication and motivation – enhancing CVs and college / university or job applications.

When your child does their DofE programme they'll develop the skills and attitudes they need to become more rounded, confident adults. Qualities that colleges, universities and employers are attracted to. So when you support your child's pursuit of their Duke of Edinburgh's Award, you're investing in their future. 

You can expect to see your child develop in the following areas as they work through their DofE programme:

- Self-belief and self-confidence

- A sense of identity

- Initiative and a sense of responsibility

- A real awareness of their strengths

- New talents and abilities

- The ability to plan and use time effectively

- Learning from and giving to others in the community

- Forming new friendships

- Problem solving, presentation and communication skills

- Leadership and teamworking skills

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