Drama allows pupils to interact in a practical space that helps them develop verbal and nonverbal communication skills, boost their confidence and build their teamwork skills. These skills are transferable and will set all pupils in good stead for whatever path they choose in the future.

Pupils are encouraged to develop their individuality and express themselves. As a department, we aim to help pupils to discover and experience the world around them. We want pupils to appreciate situations from more than one perspective, encouraging empathy and tolerance. At the heart of our Drama sessions is the need to engage in communication, use their imagination, and be expressive, autonomous leaders with confidence and cooperation skills. There is more to drama than being able to perform on stage.


Our drama program is designed to provide pupils with a creative outlet to explore different themes, express themselves, and build confidence. Through drama, pupils will learn to use their voices, bodies, and emotions to tell stories and communicate effectively with others. Our goal is to help pupils develop their creativity, critical thinking skills, and teamwork abilities, preparing them for success both in and out of the classroom. 


Our drama program will consist of a range of activities and exercises, including warm-up games, improvisation, scripted performances, and devising. We will incorporate a range of themes and topics, from historical events and cultural contexts to personal experiences and social issues. We will also encourage pupils to work collaboratively, developing their communication and teamwork skills. In addition, we will provide opportunities for pupils to showcase their work through performances and presentations. 


Through our drama program, we expect pupils to develop a range of skills and qualities that will serve them well in the future. We anticipate that pupils will become more confident and expressive and better able to communicate their ideas and feelings. They will also develop their creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving abilities. We hope that pupils will gain a greater appreciation of different perspectives and experiences, becoming more empathetic and open-minded. Overall, our drama program aims to provide a fun, supportive, and enriching experience that will help pupils grow and develop as individuals.

Pupils can choose to study Performing Arts from year 10 as a BTEC; this is a two-year course.

The Drama Department aims to:

  • To help pupils to discover and experience the world around them
  • To instil a love of theatre and its many forms
  • To build confidence and creativity
  • To use a multimedia approach in our curriculum
  • To give the pupils the social tools they need to succeed

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