Food Technology

Food Technology is a valuable subject for all pupils, but more so for SEN pupils. Through a subject like Food Technology, pupils will develop confidence, independence, problem-solving skills and self-esteem. They will also learn the value of home-cooked food and how this can help towards physical and mental health.

Food Technology is a practical based subject which pupils fully engage with and often choose to pursue as a future career within the catering industry.

Here at Muntham House School, we offer the Pearson BTEC Level 1 and Level 2 Awards in Home Cooking Skills; therefore, the pupils get to take away a professional qualification in this subject. Food Technology will also provide pupils with a good basic level of cooking skills which they can use in later life. 


When the pupils join POST-16, they will have the opportunity to do the BTEC Level 2 Course in Home Cooking Skills. The intent of the course is to prepare them for adulthood, equipping them with the ability to make healthy food choices. We teach the pupils to understand the processes of cooking healthy meals. Therefore over time, they will learn to produce successful, well-finished dishes with appealing sensory qualities.


The pupils have the opportunity to make recipes of their choice. The course is skills-based, so therefore, during the course, the skills will be practised as they create different dishes during the year. Discussion of the nutritious elements of each recipe is a valuable part of the course and is also reinforced by the completion of worksheets at the end of each lesson.

The pupils are formatively assessed by the food tech teacher during practical lessons causing them to reflect on their work. Being internally assessed, the BTEC Level 2 is evidence-based. Throughout the course, pupils complete worksheets and photos are taken of their practical work. This is then used to demonstrate what the pupils have learnt through the course of the level 2 objectives, and they produce a successful two-course meal, giving them a good Pass in the BTEC Level 2.


This course is designed to further the impact of the enjoyment of home cooking. It will give pupils the skills to be confident in their time management, skills and efficiency in home cooking. It will also give them a good base to use as an introduction to other Food, Nutrition and Hospitality courses at College and University.

This Department Aims to:

  • Develop an enjoyment of home cooking.
  • Deliver beautifully executed recipes of their own choice.
  • Describe the sensory qualities of the dishes they have made.
  • Determine how cooking could become a career in the future.
  • Discover how to manage food and time to maintain a nutritious diet.


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