‘Muntham House School will give you a fresh start, and new beginning. A chance to find the things you love to do and enjoy learning. The adults will care for you, listen to you, challenge you and never give up on you’.


Home to our pupils in years 7 / 8 / and 9. On Bodiam, all pupils are taught to be respectful and treated individually. The pupils will enjoy a supportive and nurturing environment where they can flourish personally. Pupils will be assigned a room, where they will be given the opportunity to personalise this, they will be encouraged to bring items in that remind them of home. All meals are cooked by the care staff, and the pupils are encouraged to help with the cooking. The pupils and staff eat the evening meal together, this creates opportunities for informal conversations and fosters the feeling of togetherness.

Bedtime is a very calming time; the pupils will be able to read, be read to, or listen to an audiobook, or they may wish to have an informal chat about their day. Bedtimes are staggered between year groups.

The Leisure Curriculum

The pupils enjoy an array of activities on floor, such as baking, hide and seek, board games and cards. The pupils enjoy activities on the grounds and off-site, such as football, park/beach trips, and walks in the woods. There are also opportunities for extra-curricular clubs to build their self-confidence, motivation, and independence in various activities; this not only creates new interests, it boosts self-esteem.

The Staff Team

All staff have an NVQ 3 and have completed training in other aspects of special educational needs and supporting behaviour that challenges which is seen as communication of need. This provides the staff with an abundance of knowledge and skill to individually support the pupils and help them be at their best. Staff can provide dedicated support, which is readily available for each pupil, depending on their individual needs.

Current Floor Staff

Dianna Foschini – Team Leader

Chloe Mayby – Key Worker

Megan Bishop – Key Worker

DfE No. 938/7003  Charity No. 1105085 Registered Office: Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0NJ

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