Our Primary Curriculum has been designed specifically with the needs of our Muntham pupils at it's centre, providing access to a broad, balanced and curriculum for all with the aim to build pupils self-esteem and confidence to becoming more independent learners. Our pupils come to us with a range of educational experiences and pre dispositions that we are able to accommodate and work with through our tailored groupings.

Our Social, Emotional and Mental Health (SEMH) curriculum is underpinned by core values which champion the need to attend to the wellbeing of our pupils first. The curriculum enables pupils to socialise, communicate, collaborate and manage their relationships positively. This in turn will enable pupils to develop the skills necessary to learn; resilience, relationships, risk taking, resourcefulness and reflection.

We have designed a Creative Curriculum plan whereby the needs of the 2014 Primary National Curriculum are met through imaginative, experimental and enjoyable teaching whilst being flexible enough to reflect the personal interests and motivations of the pupils. Every morning the pupils will begin with Topic (English) as their first lesson, building and enhancing their levels of both oral and recorded communication. Whilst the pupils' focus will be on the subject matter being studied the staff have planned meticulously to allow for a full range of genres, writing and comprehension tasks to be complete through purposeful activities that drive the learners.

Following this Maths is always taught next, largely in a discrete lesson, but linked to the creative curriculum. The learning can be conducted both inside and outside the classroom to great effect, using a wide range of resources and methods to allow the learner to apply logic that they can fully understand.

Through the Creative Curriculum Program, pupils are immersed in Science, ICT, History, Geography, RE, Design Technology, Food Technology, Physical Activity, Music, Art and Drama in a contextual manner.

This is supported further with educational trips to deepen their engagement within the curriculum. We provide opportunities to develop closer links with the local and wider community to enable pupils to learn about the world around them and have a positive impact on their world.

For the academic year 2020-2021 these are the topics our Creative Curriculum will be covering;

Autumn:  This is me! and Worldwide Celebrations

Spring:     Victorians and Plants Around Us

Summer:  Commotion in the Ocean! and Olympics

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