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It is our belief at Muntham House School that Physical Education is vital in maintaining and driving our pupils all round health, not just physical health but also mental health and well-being.  This will, in turn, help to improve pupil’s academic results, social well-being and self-confidence. The PE curriculum and enrichment programme provides an opportunity for high-quality teaching and learning, which immerses students in specialist knowledge, and inspires them to engage in a lifelong love of physical activity and sport.

Underpinning the curriculum design is the teaching of progressive skills rather than monotonous blocks of sports and activity. This, therefore, allows pupils to access an extensive breadth of curriculum and focus on the social and emotional transferable skills that can be learnt during Physical Education and cross-curricular links with PSHE. These are not only vital characteristics and skills for life but are essential for what it takes to be successful in the world of sports. Our curriculum is inclusive for all abilities, aiming to nurture athletic pupils and support more reluctant pupils to find a sport they can commit to and enjoy and, most importantly, create young well, rounded adults that are prepared for the challenges of the modern world after school life.


Our overarching aim is to provide a high-quality, broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum that encourages excellence, lifelong participation and enjoyment of sports and physical activity. The focus in PE is on a broad and balanced curriculum which gives pupils the opportunity to participate in a variety of different sports. Within these sports, the focus is on developing a deep knowledge of the threshold movement skills and tactics which underpin all sports, such as throwing, catching and movement skills in team sports; forehand, backhand and footwork skills in net sports; and finally, hitting, retrieving and tactical awareness in striking and fielding sports.

Pupils have varied offers for our examined options ensuring that we are inclusive for all students who wish to follow a sports-based route in Key Stage 4. In Year 10, pupils complete the BTEC L1 award in Sport, and in Year 11, pupils progress onto completing the BTEC L1 certificate in sport.  The long-term curriculum map is designed to thread through from Primary to Secondary to ensure those pupils have the skills to achieve within Key Stage 4.  Furthermore, developing and sequencing learning in a way which flows across the key stage, with each topic area leading into, and relating to the next, ensures there is fluency and progression evident in learning.


Pupils are able to explain how physical competence, mastery and knowledge, and character and confidence impact their sports performance and their overall health and wellbeing. The breadth and depth allow students to find an area of the curriculum which appeals to them and helps to promote a positive attitude towards having an ongoing healthy and active lifestyle. The love of sport and physical education at Muntham House School is evident with the uptake in our ‘sports enrichment’ programme, providing a competitive sports pathway for pupils both inside and outside the school via community links. Pupils can further harness their passion for sports leading to a future career in the sports sector.


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