These are the initial destinations of Muntham House School Post-16 Unit pupils each year from 2014 to 2019. The school has consistently seen more than 80% of pupils leaving with positive intented destinations including further or higher education, employment, apprenticeships, supported internships or voluntary work. The percentage of pupils leaving without an intended destination has not exceeded 17%. 

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At Muntham House School, we track the destinations of pupils who have left the Extended Education Unit over a three-year period. We maintain contact with the pupils in order to offer support and guidance and to ensure they remain in employment, education or training as far as is practicable.

Of the 2014 leavers, 100% of the pupils progressed to education or employment on leaving the school. In the subsequent year, all students had remained in their initial activity. In 2016, the pupils that had been in further education had moved on but their destinations were unknown despite attempts to contact.


In 2015, 80% of the leavers progressed to further education, with 10% on training schemes and 10% not in education, employment or training (NEET). This remained consistent in 2016, with 10% progressing from further education to employment in 2017.


Of the 2016 leavers, 56% left to further education, 33% were employed and 11% were NEET. The susequent year 12% had progressed from further to higher education and 43% who had been in education were unknown despite efforts to contact.  


In 2017, 49% of the leavers went onto further education, 17% secured empoyment and 17% were NEET. In 2018 a higher proportion of the leavers went onto employment, leaving 33% in further education and a consistent 17% NEET.

In 2018, 50% of the leavers were either in employment programmes, employed, or other gainful activity. 50% were NEET and are actively seeking employment. 


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