The Muntham House Horticulture offers a wide range of exciting experiences and learning opportunities. Pupils from various Key Stages across the school were involved in the construction and design of this project which has provided them with a sense of ownership and belonging. A large, fully equipped polytunnel and 12 raised beds allow for work throughout all seasons covering agriculture, horticulture and nature conversation. There is an irrigation system fitted which enables us to grow vegetables all year round meaning seasonal vegetables are grown providing farm-to-plate learning.

Pupils develop a real understanding of where their food comes from and a pride in their efforts and achievements. They have the opportunity to plant, cultivate and also cook using the vegetables produced. Horticulture is a key aspect of our work towards the Food for Life Award Scheme. This encourages pupils to grow their own fruit and vegetables, developing their understanding of healthy eating. We also grow a full range of herbs to compliment the vegetables and work with the Primary team to manage the gardens around the Primary areas.

The Horticulture experience has increased pupils' understanding and appreciation of the land, enabling pupils to learn about when crops can be planted and when they need to be harvested. The work pupils complete is accredited towards a national award scheme which the school is following called Food for Life. Farming vegetables also encourages creativity in our pupils and teaches pupils valuable additional skills such as responsibility, teamwork and getting muddy!

Pupils have produced the following vegetables so far; Tomatoes, Potatoes, Carrots, Radishes, Courgettes, Turnips, Cucumbers, Brocolli, Pumpkins, Lettuce Pumpkins and Runner Beans. It has been lovely to see them all happily digging and preparing the land and then taking care to plant vegetables properly so they grow into good healthy crops. So far everything the pupils have produced has been used by our Chef in the school kitchen. This fantastic outdoor space allows all pupils the time and support they need to meet their wider educational and emotional needs. It is a safe space, allowing pupils time to generate positive changes which support other aspects of their education. Horticulture provides pupils with a sense of purpose developing their ability to problem solve, communicate and work successfully with others. 

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