In the Post-16 Unit, our Care Curriculum follows the guidelines and expectations of the Residential Special Schools National Minimum Standards developed by the Department of Education. This provision is reviewed officially by OFSTED every year as a social care inspection. We are very proud of the fact that our last three inspections were graded as three consecutive outstanding judgements. 

We cater for young people from 15 to 19 years who engage in our curriculum to advance their preparation for leaving school and entering the community independently. We have a number of individual studio flats with access to a larger communal area for socializing, preparing meals and developing their independence. Most of our young people attend college during the day to gain the skills and experience needed to access the workplace. During the evenings, they can take part in many organised activities with their peers as well as learn essential skills needed to live independently, such as cooking, laundry, budgeting, etc.

The pupils in our care are encouraged to be involved in the planning of activities to develop better self-management and a sense of achievement. They enjoy fun activities in the community such as bowling, gym, trampolining, mountain biking, fitness training, martial arts, cinema trips, golf, etc.

Pupils can take time out in their own studio flats to study or relax, knowing that they are safe and can call on trained staff if they need some advice. The Post-16 Unit works because it is a team effort between the young people and staff. Healthy relationships are extremely important, as is mutual respect.

We treat all of our pupils in POST-16 as young adults in preparation for adulthood and get them ready for leaving school. Pupils enjoy learning about their rights and can take on their responsibilities to develop their character in preparation for leaving school as well-rounded, confident citizens. Personal development is a key area of focus, which staff work on with all pupils to ensure they are well-rounded, tolerant and prepared for future life in modern Britain.  

DfE No. 938/7003  Charity No. 1105085 Registered Office: Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0NJ

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