At Muntham House School our main aim is to have young people who are happy, caring and independent. One of the avenues of achieiving this is our Post-16 Pathway for our young people to attend FE college or go into gainful employment. Currently we are working with 5 different colleges to support our young people in achieving this vital step in life.

At Muntham House School we provide Functional Skills Courses in English and Maths that are offered to every pupil who would like to achieve a higher grade than a GCSE 3. Both courses are provided by AQA and work on the GCSE curriculum the pupils were taught, but add a more relevant context of the workplace, social skills or independent living. Functional English is also complimented with the continuation of the Accelerated Reader Programme and the use of the online library MyOn. This comprehensive software continues reading and comprehension progression and encourages an engagement and enjoyment in reading a range of different texts. Functional Maths is also enriched with STEM projects and studying the textbook 'Your Money Matters' by the finical education charity 'Young', an incredible resource tailored to support the Young Enterprise Scheme as it deals with the complicated world of employment and finance.

ICT is used as an integral part of everyday life and it is essential that our pupils have an up to date working knowledge of technology and how best to use it. The Post-16 curriculum ensures that technology is used on a daily basis, but this is also supported by explicitly taught lessons to both consolidate and extend the pupils' knowledge.   

We have a long-standing relationship with the local colleges who have a good understanding of our pupil's needs. They are very supportive in helping pupils achieve their maximum potential. This opportunity also allows our pupils to socialise with peers from different areas with contrasting outlooks. This develops an appreciation of others views and tolerance of people's differences.

At Collyer's College in Horsham we work closely with the Student Support Team to ensure our pupils will be successful in their A-Levels or BTECS they have chosen to study there. Collyer's can supply our pupils with an area in the Safe Base that prevents Muntham House pupils from becoming overwhelmed by this college. This means our pupils' individual needs can be met even when they are off-site.

Chichester College is a large FE college and has a plethora of courses to suit both academic and practical puils. Due to its location, it is an ideal college to encourage our pupils to learn to become more independent and is often a site we use to practise our Travel Training too and from. this college also has a very good support team in place who we communicate with regularly, again to ensure our pupils needs are met throughout their time there.

Brinsbury College is a countryside campus that is ideal for pupils who are keen to learn a trade or work outside. They also have a large working farm so can offer a variety of practical experiences that help create pathways for the future. This site is close to Muntham House School which allows our staff to be in regular contact with their team and enables us to give specific support whenever it is needed.

Crawley College is also close in its proximity to Muntham House School and can offer our pupils a range of skills based courses that would be ideal for building successful pathways leading to apprenticeships or full-time employment. This college has a support team that we would regularly liaise with to maintain the right level of support whilst constantly building on each pupils' independence and ability to problem solve in a safe and controlled environment.

Our newest college connection is with The Institute of Contemporary Theatre (ICT) which we are very excited about. This college provides further development all the way up to university level in the Performing Arts, a fantastic opportunity for any pupil who enjoys and excels in this creative environment.

Below are some of the Colleges we currently have a relationship with. 


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