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Occupational Therapy is provided at Muntham House School to help pupils with various needs including their physical, emotional, sensory, cognitive and motor skills. This, in turn, can work to enhance their confidence and self-esteem and support them in developing self-regulation (modulating their attention and regulating their emotional state). We use a combined approach of the “Just Right State” with the “Zones of regulation”. These approaches are mirrored in the classroom. A sensory “diet” may be initiated by the OT to provide classroom regulation strategies.

Occupational therapists also look at functional skills needed for pupils to learn and complete everyday tasks. This may include, for example, one-to-one interventions to support pupils’ handwriting, their processing of information and life skills. A series of treatment sessions can also be tailored to work on: upper body/trunk strengthening, motor planning and sequencing, bilateral coordination and ball skills. This is done in one-to-one sessions or in group yoga classes. Reports are provided to parents and school staff, so that creative strategies can bridge support from both home and school.

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