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Fran Hibberd is an Equine (NLP) therapist. Equine therapy puts pupils and horses together along with the therapist and assistant, in an environment designed to promote emotional growth and learning. Equine Therapy is used to help with a variety of mental health issues from self-awareness to low self-esteem. No riding experience is necessary as the pupils won't be required to ride the horse.

The pupils have one-to-one sessions with Fran and Becky and their chosen horse. They will build a relationship with the horse and learn to play a number of games with it, whilst being encouraged to reflect on their experiences and what it means to them. This will enable the pupils to discover more about themselves, develop new ways of thinking and to develop strategies that will be helpful to them in every area of their lives whilst having fun. Sessions can cover such topics as building a rapport with people, hygiene, being assertive, building confidence, positive communication and managing emotions.

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