Design Technology

Muntham House School has a large workshop for Design Technology lessons, with pupils undertaking a range of projects that encourages them to use the tools available and understand how products are made and work.

These projects can range from smaller items such as pencil boxes, wooden games, clocks, key rings, and some problem-solving tasks where they learn to work as a team. Pupils have the opportunity to use the skills they have learn and build larger-scale projects, these have included petrol hovercrafts, electric quad bikes, and go-karts.

Year 10 and 11 pupils can take the GCSE course, and choose a larger scale design and make projects such as furniture design, metal work projects and utilize modern CAD / CAM facilities to manufacture parts for their projects to learn about industrial manufacturing.

The Design Technology Department Aims to:

  •  Teach pupils to learn to use the tools in the workshop safely.
  •  To help pupils understand the design process.
  •  To make their own designs and engage in practical tasks.
  •  To learn life skills and opportunities for potential employment.
  •  To solve problems and build their resilience.


We intend to meet the needs of the pupils at Muntham House school and identify the bespoke need of the pupils to motivate them to allow them to progress with independent skills and become ready for the world of work and potential employment. We aim to teach pupils to be able to develop problem-solving skills, learning to work individually or together as a team and become independent learners.

Resources are planned ahead towards the assessment objectives for the examination criteria working toward the GCSE assessment criteria to allow pupils to undertake their examination into Year 11.

The work undertaken in Design and Technology might lead to potential employment and college places in the fields of Service / Maintenance Engineering, Building / Carpentry trades which link into the courses offered at local colleges. 


Individual pupils' needs are met through careful planning and the allocation of staff to provide support. The pupils undertake the projects offer in the Design Technology lessons. Resources are put in place to deliver the curriculum content and ensure pupils can access the learning opportunities across the curriculum.

STEM is incorporated with new technologies and develops pupils’ independent problem-solving skills and reinforces their learning in areas of Mathematics, Science and Technology.

Training with assessment providers is undertaken to upskill and develop subject knowledge. Assessment of coursework is moderated by working toward the GCSE assessment criteria.


Pupils accessing the Examination and assessment criteria for the course offered, seeing purposeful and realistic outcomes based on the pupil’s needs and interests and abilities. We aim to help pupils become self-motivated independent learners to allow them to move on to places in further education and become valued member of society, able to access, further education , apprenticeships and employment and independence.


DfE No. 938/7003  Charity No. 1105085 Registered Office: Barns Green, Horsham, West Sussex, RH13 0NJ

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