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General overview

Welcome to the Muntham House Primary Department!

Muntham House School is incredibly proud of their ever expanding Primary Department. Set in a self-contained section of our school grounds within 5 spacious well-resourced classrooms, plenty of secure outdoor space with high quality play equipment. We cater for pupils in Key Stages 1 and 2, occassionally we also support pupils in lower Key Stage 3 to aid their transition to secondary.

The placement of our children and young people across our primary classes is assessed by the Primary Team based on stage rather than age. Individual needs such as Social and Dmotional Development and other Special Educational Needs. The academic ability and age are also taken into consideration to determine which groups pupils are placed into.

All behaviours and events are seen as learning opportunities as our pupils are supported in gaining a greater understanding of how their own emotions and personal choices impact on both themselves and others. Pupils are supported with strategies to help manage their own emotions and self-regulate alongside their academic education programme.

Throughout the department the National Curriculum is followed to ensure the highest teaching opportunities for our pupils which are then enriched further through the experiences and resources that we are able to offer our pupils with such a high staff to pupil ratio. Each school day is tailored to accommodate pupils individual, personal and sensory needs, ensuring brain breaks and physical activitiy are readily available to keep learners engaged. The unit is designed with this in mind, providing the pupils with outdoor play equipment, sensory areas and an inclusion of a close working relationship with therapists to include classroom sensory equipment.

The link below to our Therapy Centre, will provide further information.


We currently have two Infant classes, set in their own garden and three Junior classes also with their own outside space, click on the links to explore each area further.

As with all our pupils of every age, our full range of therapies are available to the Primary pupils once they have completed their wellbeing assessment with our Therapy Department including working alongside Blossom, Buzz and Omah our school dogs. As Therapy dogs and engaging in a program of Horsemanship etc. The whole department works closely alongside the Therapy Department professionals to ensure therapeutic teaching and resources are continually offered to the pupils including Occupational Therapy and Speech and Language support.

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