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Tolerance Curriculum Day


The focus of the day was our children and young people, giving them an understanding of what is happening in the world around them, the world that they will inherit.  Throughout the day they learnt about different events and situations that have been depicted in the newspapers, on TV and are referenced in school, particularly line up, but they were encouraged to ask questions, generate their own opinions as well as get to discuss opinions of others.


The groupings of the day were arranged to allow them to gain the most out of each session so were age based.  They were aware of the importance of making sure that their interactions were respectful of those around them and of different viewpoints.  The day was not just about learning what’s going on around us but also of showing tolerance to others, being the positive example!


The subject areas covered included:


  • Refugees
  • Conflicts
  • Privacy           
  • Free Speech
  • Minority Groups
  • Perceptions and Stereotypes


Joshua Browder was introduced to the groups with his impact in helping others through his website


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