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Speech and Language Therapy


The speech, language and communication provision at Muntham House is a whole community approach, led by a specialist Speech and Language therapist and supported by a team of Muntham’s own Speech and Language Therapy Ambassadors.  Speech and language interventions cross Health, Education and Care and so are incorporated into all aspects to life at Muntham House School.


Speech, Language and Communication support is integral to the development of pupil social skills, education and future potential.  With this said, all student’s needs are informally documented using ‘The Progression Tools’ assessment on arrival and then cross referenced with their EHCP.  From this, students can access a range of targeted and specialist interventions and therapy to reduce barriers to learning and develop language and communication skills.  This may include individual and group therapy with a Specialist Speech and Language Therapist.


Speech, language and communication strategies are provided to support all students to access the language of the class room, whilst a speech and language focus is embedded across our 24 hour curriculum, implicit learning opportunities are taken at every stage.  Ongoing Inset training is delivered to staff; supporting them to create communication opportunities and strategies to develop social skills that are integral to activities after school.  Any and all speech and language interventions are reported upon within the Annual Review process.

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