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Special Educational Needs

Special Educational Needs INFORMATION SHEET:

Muntham House School is a non-maintained boarding and day special school for young boys from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5



The kinds of SEN; Social, Emotional and Mental Health Category

Emotional and Social difficulties with mental health problems also including autism and ADHD.

Where and what policies do MHS have for identifying and assessing CYP with SEN

All young people at Muntham are referred to the school through a statement of special education needs (pre 2017) or education health and care plans (EHCP) which identifies the young person as having SEN. At Muntham in the main they are of emotional and social difficulties and the conditions associated with this sector. Muntham then spends the first term of placement assessing the needs and ability of the young person and reports at the admissions assessment which is the precursor to the annual review. These arrangements will ADAPT TO MEET the new Education and Care plans.

Consulting with parent and carer arrangements

All parents and carers are regularly consulted through direct or electronic contact at least weekly to discuss their son’s progress and issues. There are opportunities for visits and staff visits to the home. Muntham House has a liaison team that handles all contacts, support and policies for parent partnerships are available.

Reviewing processes for monitoring progress

Student’s progress is monitored on a session by session basis, using a series of software to assess progress, behaviour and wellbeing. Summative statements are held for annual reviews and end of year progress documents.

Arrangements for consulting young people

CYP at Muntham are at the heart of decision making and are called upon to be partners in their own development at Muntham. A school council represents the student voice in a series of meetings throughout the year every three weeks. Student voice and opinion is recorded annually in the voice of the child survey and through individual statements in the YP annual review.

Arrangements for transition through school

Transitions from key stage to key stage are handled by the assistant head of school responsible for Primary learning supported by the Ready 2 Learn team. On the care side team leaders are responsible and liaise with all concerned regarding changes to living and boarding arrangements.

Arrangements for transition into adult life

Transition to adult life is handled by the Senior teachers and head of school who is responsible for Applied Learning in consultation with lead on 14-19 plans. The Partnership manager for Vocational Pathways, directs the programmes. A great deal of time is spent working with individual students and their locality services to tailor make the re-integration forward into society.

Teaching and learning approaches

The school uses the national curriculum format and all of the national programmes for learning but tailor make the programmes to be most beneficial to the way our young people learn and develop.

Adaptations to the learning environment or curriculum

Adaptations to the school and curriculum are made on a case by case basis.

Training and qualifications of staff

All targeted staff training is funded by the school, all staff are expected to have the minimum requirements in their field before they arrive at Muntham with the exception of Care Staff who must have a level three qualification within 18 months of appointment. In reality most of our staff are highly qualified and experienced, most of our teachers for instance have or are working towards master’s level qualifications. The school provides a significant INSET programme and a yearlong induction programme.

Evaluation programme for effectiveness of MHS

MHS is subject to regular inspection and monitoring visits from Ofsted and local authorities using the school’s services. Furthermore the school has annual reviews of its performance carried out by the Principal and Governors of the school which are reported and disseminated to all staff.

Support for pastoral needs

As a special school our vision is to support and care for young people and their pastoral needs and support of these are pivotal to the work of the school. The school has a full time therapy department and the young people are specifically and individually supported by at least two staff throughout their stay at Muntham

Policy and process for integration of other services and communities

The school has a local community plan which has been in operation for over 10 years where we have developed integral partnerships with local schools and services to make the most of the local and regional community services that support integration and inclusion. This is in the Local Offer.


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