Virtual Reality 



Virtual Reality is an exciting new concept and many pupils and teachers will not have experienced a VR headset, or even know what to expect. Here at Muntham House School we are using ClassVR to provide exciting, engaging lessons to spark the imaginations of our pupils. Simple to use interface allows pupils and teachers to quickly and easily access educational content and applications with minimal fuss and no distractions, keeping them focused on the task at hand.

When pupils put on the Virtual headset they are transported to a futuristic ‘holodeck‘ where they can use innovative head and hand gestures to navigate around. In front of them are a range of educational activities to select from, customised and delivered to the headset by the teacher, or from a pre-defined set of themes and activities. The ClassVR interface locks out system settings, presents a custom set of educational resources, and ensures pupils are kept on task with no distractions.

The immersive nature of Virtual Reality brings depth to educational content by engaging the senses and allowing exploration to a degree that would be difficult to duplicate within the confines of a classroom, making it an ideal catalyst for curiosity and true learning.

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