Our Junior area strives to create a warm, welcoming and relaxed environment with clearly defined areas including 'cosy corners', a Ready 2 Learn den for pupils to use in times of anxiety or anger, a sensory room and many outdoor learning spaces.

The pupils selected the play equipment installed, opting for the high tower and the circular group swing. They also have a sand pit created by our Muntham House Enterprise Group and our newly resurfaced Football Pitch is always a popular choice with the pupils.

Each of the three classes are equipped with the most up to date technology in interactive white boards, iPads and personal PCs for each pupil. Nestled between the Junior 1 and Junior 2 classes is the fantastic Sensory room, click on the above link to explore it further.

The unit is regularly visited by our Pets As Therapy dogs, Blossom and Buzz our school dogs enjoy reading and working with all of our pupils.

The Junior area is focused on developing the independence of our pupils alongside their own sense of personal responsibility. they all aim to graduate from us at the end of year 6 with the status "Secondary Ready", showing just how much they have achieved over their time in the Muntham Primary Department.

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