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Ready2Learn (R2L) is Muntham House Schools Pastoral support service which provides support throughout our 24 hour curriculum to ensure the students feel safe and secure and able to access and manage education, social interactions, and their emotions in order to achieve their potential.


Some of the students at Muntham House have experience of insecure attachments, trauma and rejection from education in the form of exclusion. R2L strives to interpret the behaviour exhibited with this in mind, and then in partnership with tutors and Key Workers plan a journey of intervention to raise self-esteem, self-worth and confidence. Therefore R2L is an attachment aware safe space where children self-refer in times of crisis, emotional dysregulation or to reflect and reconcile. R2L works within the six principles of Nurture in order to help students foster positive relationships with their peers and the staff working with them; this is achieved through ensuring each student has a sense of wellbeing and belonging. R2L staff help to mediate and advocate using restorative practice, whilst providing a safe secure space with consistent boundaries and secure adults at times of crisis.

R2L also provides academic interventions for students and training and outreach services for teachers and staff.


R2L works in partnership with Muntham’s onsite therapeutic (Engage) provision and external agencies to ensure the social and mental health needs of our students are met through reviews, referral, assessment, appointments and supported therapeutic interventions.


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