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Welcome to Muntham House School

Muntham House School was set up by the Ministry of Education in 1953 to support young boys with challenging behaviour.  Since that time the school community has undergone continuous changes to its service to the locality.  Muntham is now one of the leading specialist special schools in the country supporting the education and care of boys 8-18 and their families and carers.  Muntham has some wonderful partnerships with local authorities across the South of England and with other special needs organisations.  Within the Muntham community we work to support the lifelong happiness and stability of young people and we believe the best way to do that is to build strong trusting relationships and the skills to manage their future positively and productively.  Please enjoy the website and see the marvellous work of our community.


Richard Boyle, Principal




Hello, my name is Callum.  As chairman of the School Council I am pleased to welcome you to our school community’s website. The website is full of useful things to read and find out about our school and its work with young people. The Student Council has a budget to spend each year on the students or around the school. So far we have implemented a points scheme in which the students have to earn a certain amount of points to do rewards on the last day of the week. The members of the Student Council also carried out a pupil Ofsted where we went round to inspect the school and make the more personal changes that Ofsted miss out, with this we interviewed some of the members of the SMT to see what they thought what was going well in school and what we could change for the better.


If there are problems like stuff we don’t like or we think something should be changed, students bring them to us and we talk to staff and senior management and the Governors about this, sometimes we present to the Governors and they help us to make decisions. We have been able to change how, where and when we have meals, our leisure pursuits and what our environment looks like and all of us work with staff and our parents and carers on our learning plans. Because of this system we have pitched to the governors for some play equipment and have got park standard recreational facilities.


Muntham House is a school community for boys from ages 8-19 with social and emotional difficulties, which are a problem for our learning this makes it hard for us to concentrate and get on with our peers. We have great members of staff and you get full support with your learning. This is a great place where you get a great second chance in your learning where you may have failed before.


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