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Occupational Therapy


Occupational Therapists work in a holistic way providing intervention, which helps both physical, emotional, sensory and functional skills. We often see boys who, due to emotional and behavioural problems, have difficulty modulating their attention and regulating their emotional state. They may participate in a series of individual or group sessions aimed at helping with self regulation.


We use a combined approach of the “Just Right State” with the “Zones of regulation”. These approaches are followed through during the rest of the week in school. A sensory “diet” may be initiated by the OT to provide classroom strategies with regulation.


If a child is referred to OT, first of all an initial assessment is be carried out, after which we provide a report to the parents and the school which includes a clear summary of the findings, together with creative strategies which can bridge support from both home and school.


A series of treatment sessions can also be tailored to work on:


• Upper body/trunk strengthening

• Motor planning and sequencing

• Bilateral coordination and ball skills

• Fine motor skills

• Handwriting

• Self care skills

• Confidence

• Self esteem


A Food fun group runs each week at Muntham House School in conjunction with the OT to help form strategies for boys who have sensory and behavioural difficulties with eating.


The OT service at Muntham House School is provided by Beacon House Therapeutic and Trauma services.



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