In true British style, the weather took a nice dip in temperatures to give us the opportunity to go full throttle for our 'main school' sports day. In mixed teams, pupils competed across the morning through the Muntham Games, in individual and team events including the vortex javelin, the standing long jump, the Usain Bolt sprint and more. Stepping into the alternative and championing inclusion with the fantastic support of Mrs Anderson, pupils had the opportunity to race our fantastic and funny goats - Gizmo, Spike, Wallace and Gromit. In addition, Bangers and Mash, our two lovely pigs also made an appearance and it was a delight to see our pupils so excited by the fun events working with our animals.

In the afternoon, pupils experienced a Sports Festival carousel of activities including Kinball, Football Rounders, Total Wipeout, and Tug of War, where they worked together and individually to compete for gold. In addition to the physical fun, pupils enjoyed smoothies, athletic gingerbread, and ice cream from our new Muntham Café with Miss Apicella, Mrs Hammond, and the support of a great team of pupils: Alfie L, George A and Toby S. Overall, a brilliant day was enjoyed by all.

Primary sports day was a hot one this year reaching 34 degrees in the Saharan heatwave we have been experiencing. However, in true Muntham style we adapted, continued, and had a fantastic day of sport and fun.

Morning shade and air-conditioned classrooms provided pupils with the opportunity to participate with full passion and determination. In mixed teams, pupils competed in mini-Olympic relays, games, and individual events to collect performance and sportsmanship tokens. Throughout the day many tokens were collected, but this year's winners were the White Team with 563 points, followed in second place by the Red Team with 469 points, and the Blue Team in third place with 447 points. In the afternoon, pupils put their creative skills to the test by creating sports games in their teams and putting staff through their paces. In addition to the active fun, pupils enjoyed refreshments and ice cream from our new Muntham Café with Miss Apicella, and Mrs Hammond, and the support of one of our top secondary sports leaders and peer mentors Alfie G. Overall, a wonderful day was enjoyed by all.


Across the school and throughout the term pupils have been working hard during breaks and lunchtimes in sports activities to earn gold 'sportsmanship tickets'. This has been another opportunity for pupils to demonstrate values such as respect, responsibility, inclusion, teamwork, determination, positivity, and good citizenship. Pupils throughout the school have shown an outstanding response in adopting the values, with nearly 44 golden tickets entered into the prize draw from primary pupils and 175 from secondary, making competition for the winner's prizes fierce!

Our primary winners this year and going on a tour to Wembley are: Vinnie C and Theo G

Our secondary winners this year and going to watch England vs Germany at Wembley are: Alfie G and Kion S.

All our runners-up received sports equipment prizes in the promotion of staying active and their love of sport and physical activity.

On Friday 24th June, pupils from across primary and secondary participated and competed in the Sportsmanship Cup. The aim of the football tournament was to encourage pupils to consciously adopt, practice, and endorse the fundamental principles of fair play and good citizenship, in addition to developing sport-specific knowledge. In mixed teams, pupils scored points throughout the day within their fixtures for game play and displaying values such as respect, responsibility, inclusion, teamwork, determination and positivity. It was a spectacular day of community spirit with pupils demonstrating exceptional levels of sportsmanship throughout.

This year, our overall sportsmanship cup winners were Team 1 from KS4 & 5 with 21 points scored.

(Team 1 – George A, Tyler S, Zahn K, Aaron C, Alfie G, Charlie D and Tyler M)

Trophies representing all the values of the day were won by:

Most Positive – Seb M

Most Determined – Declan B

Most Respectful – Eric B

Most Responsible – Charlie S

Most Inclusive – Alfie G

Best Team Player – Mason P

Athletics Academy 

Pupils have thoroughly enjoyed the athletics academy. This has been a chance for them to develop the knowledge gathered in PE lessons and use this to push their performance to even greater heights. The academies have been mainly focused on improving performance in long jump, the sprint, the sprint relay, shotput and javelin. Pupils have also touched on some different athletic events such as running for long distances where they completed the bleep test and hammer throw. Ryan P showed great endurance and overall performance reaching level 11.4 within the bleep test with fantastic support and cheer from his peers.

The athlete of the term for secondary for excellent consistency in performance is Jamie W.

Cricket Academy

Pupils have enjoyed themselves throughout this term and have all made good progress with their cricket skills. They have been learning the correct technique for a long barrier in cricket alongside batting tactics to gain an advantage in a game situation. In addition, they have started to learn about the different rules in cricket and have been incorporating these into game situations. 

The player of the term for secondary for outstanding leadership and mentorship to his team is Jake R.

Trampolining Club

Trampolining club continued this term with expanding participation and new pupils excited to bounce.  Pupils across primary and secondary have continued to develop, showing excellent progress in their skills and routines. Stand-out participants have been Dion M and Rocco W who joined and made exceptional progress with outstanding mentorship from their peers Jake R, Liam S, and James B. In addition, trampolining has been a part of the summer show and pupils have been working hard with Miss Lawson to practice their choreographed routines to music and refine their performance. Excellent work!

The participant of the term for primary for incredible effort and determination in skill development is Dion M. 

Next term we will return with a fresh extracurricular timetable of activities, and our after-school Football and Basketball Academies. More details will follow in the new academic year.

Athletics – Key Stage 3 and 4

This term in PE, pupils have been focusing on Athletics. They have been competing in a variety of different athletic events including the long jump, the sprint, the sprint relay, shotput and javelin. They have been learning the skills and techniques required for each event and using feedback to enhance their performance and improve their personal best. In addition, they have been learning how to officiate in all these events effectively to make the competition fair.  A particular highlight in performance was Zahn K who managed a throw of 28 meters in javelin, our current school record.

Sports and Dance Leaders – Key Stage 4 and 5 

Our year 11 and post-16 students have had an outstanding term completing their Sport and Dance Leaders qualifications. They have all worked incredibly hard both within their practical leadership session and theory workbooks. Not only have they completed the work required, but they have put their skills into great practice with Callum M choreographing our summer show “The Greatest Show” dance piece and our Sports Leaders contributing to our recent Muntham Sportsmanship Cup, by taking responsibility for many elements of the event. 

We have reached the end of the academic year and the Muntham boarding community have really come together and ended the year on a high. It has been a pleasure to see all the boarders live and work together, and all have shown support and kindness to each other. As you can imagine, living and working together brings with it some challenges and all the boarders have shown resilience and empathy being able to resolve differences and maintain relationships.

Well done to all our boarders - have a great summer, and see you in September for the new school year.


Muntham House School is proud to have achieved the prestigious Wellbeing Award for Schools. 

This was a very demanding process that involved the whole school community. Muntham House School has shown, by achieving this award, that the school encapsulates the culture of wellbeing and that the mental health of our pupils and staff is our top priority. We have developed a whole school strategy that will continue to improve the wellbeing of our pupils and this will only continue to help us attract and retain the high-quality staff that we currently have to provide the best education for our pupils. 

Muntham House School is committed to promoting the wellbeing of our pupils and staff as part of our day-to-day school life.

This half term has been hot and dry, and we have found germination a bit tricky, however, it appears to be a problem with seeds in general and not just us. We have managed to fill our beds with wonderful vegetables and flowers - companion planting is keeping the insects away from feeding on our cabbages. The pupils are now all skilled in planting large seeds and some are successfully planting small seeds in thin rows. 

The pupils have enjoyed harvesting broad beans, carrots, radishes, onions, garlic, peas, strawberries, and raspberries, and some have picked flowers to take home. We had enough broad beans for our school chef to serve them with the roast dinner for a couple of weeks. The elephant garlic was a huge success - the year 7 pupils were quite surprised when we dug them up as to how big they were! 

The older primary pupils went on an adventure to Spring Gardens, strawberry picking, where we picked lots of huge juicy fruit. The pupils all enjoyed eating them and some  even saved a few for our return to school!

We had a great opportunity to visit Hampton Court Flower show... the clear-up! Miss Hofton found details of an outside organisation that shares out leftover plants and garden items with schools and groups to save them from going into a landfill. Myself, Mr Carthy and a small group of year 8 pupils took the minibus and we filled it with lots of exciting plants and some large pots. The hard work will begin in September when hopefully the ground will be softer to dig and plant up a herbaceous border.


Please note that pupils return from Summer Holidays on


Term dates are on the school website.

 Term Dates











Sessions have been very popular this term and the donkeys, Buzz and Woody, have been very busy. They have become well known in the village as they stop for refreshments at the village shop when boys walk them through the school grounds and into the village. The calming effect that the donkeys have on the pupils is wonderful to watch and the boys are so caring and respectful with them. 

We have been learning how to groom the donkeys as their summer coats have been coming through, and we have been learning how to care for their hooves and helping the farrier when he visits to trim their hooves. Next term, the vet will visit and the children will have the opportunity to observe whilst the donkeys are treated and also be able to listen to their heartbeats with the vet's stethoscope. This will create an excellent opportunity for our pupils to explore different career options to consider for the future. Tere are several students who would have great success with Animal Care!



The four pygmy goats are now very familiar with all of the school grounds as the pupils have chosen more to walk the goats off their leads and to see where the goats take us. Sometimes we need to tempt them with a treat as they tend to run off altogether if they are spooked. The pupils are very patient with them when we walk them this way. The sessions have been popular with the primary pupils who are learning the importance of being calm and still with the animals so that the goats are more comfortable coming up to greet them and spend time close by. Again, grooming and footcare have been the topic in these last few weeks as the goats are shedding their winter coats. 


The chickens have been busy digging holes to keep cool in. Some of them have been very broody over the last few weeks so some of the pupils have been very interested in trying to break their broody habits and finding new ways to trick them, which has been successful. There are a few of the hens who are the favourites to be chosen by the pupils for picking up: Peri-peri and Marshmallow will happily sit on a pupil's arm whilst being walked around the pen and chatted to by the pupils. The hens have also been enjoying time in the goat pen, getting their fill of the fresh grass. The pupils have been learning about how to clean the coop, mite management, and caring for the hens.


Bangers and Mash are becoming very good at trying to escape whenever their gate is opened, and they have learned that there is tasty grass to eat on the other side of their pen so make a run for the door when it's open, barging their way past the pupils. This makes for a fun session and gives the boys an opportunity to try something totally different and attempt to lead the pigs back into their pen, using a pig board and stick. Bangers and Mash are faster on their feet than they look and often trot over to the football pitch before we are able to turn them around and lead them home - luckily they will do anything for food which comes in handy when trying to tempt them back! The pupils have been really helpful and will complete tasks such as filling up the wallow, tidying, grooming, even shampooing the pigs and making them lovely and clean...only to see them get muddy minutes later!

What a year we have had! We have enjoyed being able to have open doors, dog cuddles, and unlimited visitors. The dogs have enjoyed our first year out of bubbles and are looking forward to a well-deserved break - I like to think our dogs are the hardest working colleagues at Muntham.

Well, Buzz’s skills have definitely been tested with the agility set. As you can see the pupils have loved putting it together and seeing how much Buzz can remember - Omah isn’t quite built for agility, but we are still persevering to get her through a hoop!

We have welcomed our year 6s into canine this half term: the transition to the main school can be daunting, so time with the dogs has helped them process this change and discuss their anxieties. It’s important for our year 6s to feel happy, safe, and cared for during this transition which the dogs have certainly played a part in.

It’s 'tick' season. This means the pupils have to make sure they give the dogs a good brush down after a walk. We check over the dogs to make sure those pesky, unwanted guests haven’t latched on. I have a sneaking suspicion that this post-walk brushing and relaxing is Omah’s favourite part of a walk - as you can see she loves attention and our pupils love laying, sitting, and relaxing with her.  

We hope you have a lovely, safe summer holiday and we are already looking forward to welcoming everyone back in September!

It has been a lovely end to the summer term on Arundel Floor. The weather has been beautiful and sunny during the evenings, so we have managed to go out and enjoy it wherever we can. We have been for some adventurous walks in the woodland areas at Buchan Park and Rackham. Despite being some of the older pupils, it seems you are never too old to climb trees and go on the rope swings! At one point, we managed to get all the pupils out for a whole evening in the bright sunshine at Littlehampton Beach. The pupils were all fantastic, running straight into the sea within minutes of arriving at the beach, and none of them wanted to get out of the water.  Lots of fun was had by all and we finished off our evening with fish and chips at the harbour. 

Our brilliant year 11s sat their GCSEs this term, and all stayed positive throughout despite their nerves and worries. To finish their time on Arundel Floor we took them out for a well-deserved all-you-can-eat Brazilian buffet in Port Solent, Portsmouth. The pupils thoroughly enjoyed this, and definitely ate their money's worth in meat and mussels, washed down with a mocktail, feeling very sophisticated. This was followed by all-you-can-eat desserts, too! The staff enjoyed this amazing food and the boys' grown-up company and conversations as well. 

The slightly younger Arundel pupils were taken out for their end-of-year trip the following week for a meal at The Harvester and then to watch the new Thor film at the cinema. The boys enjoyed their evening!

We finished the year by having fun on site on the slip 'n' slide, followed by a BBQ. We definitely ended the year on a high! We wish all the Arundel boys a wonderful summer!

It has been a fantastic final few weeks for Science and the 7b tutor group. In KS3, the pupils were learning about Nature and Ecosystems so we spent some lovely time on the school grounds finding a multitude of plant and insect life. The year 7s have been learning about forces, gravity, air resistance, and pressure which was brought to life in the last week or so by using a brilliant bottle rocket. It did get stuck in a few different trees but thanks to Ryan Hubbard, it was retrieved and is back in action. A lovely end to the year. During the last week, we had an explosive time learning about combustion and heat transfer, great fun. 

We were all so proud of the year 11s for sitting their many exams - they all tried very hard and made it through the tough time that is exam term.

Hever floor has had another busy and fun term! We have had lots of trips out, and earlier in the term we went to the beach at Littlehampton and found crabs and played in the sand, finishing with a picnic - a few even ventured into the sea which was a little cold (June !)

More recently we have found our new favourite walk - in 'the stepping stones' at the foot of Box Hill which has been the perfect place to cool off during the recent warm weather. It is also the perfect place for our 'boys to be boys' and climb trees, to paddle in the stream, spot fish and find rope swings! We had a fantastic time here and then went for a picnic at the top of Box Hill.

Our grand finale of the year was our end-of-term trip to Chessington and even the fact that the Vampire Ride was closed when we got there did not dampen the pupil's spirits and much fun was had by all - we found out that we have some true daredevils on Hever floor who love the fast rides! While at Chessington we enjoyed the aquarium where the pupils were able to hold starfish. We saw lions and tigers and also some gorillas with their babies.

We have also welcomed some new young people to our floor: three new pupils from Wells Park will be starting year 7 in September. These pupils have had a warm welcome by our current pupils and it has been lovely to see the start of new friendships. We, as a staff team, have been very proud of our Hever pupils and how kind they have been and how they have welcomed our new pupils to Muntham.


As usual, our evenings usually incorporate a visit to our onsite farm - the pigs still being the firm favourite. Our pupils will all miss our visits to them while we are on our summer break, and we look forward to next term.



This term we say goodbye to five wonderful pupils who have all been on challenging but truly triumphant journeys. With hard work, dedication, and significant growth and development, all five of these pupils are venturing on to great futures:

Dean B will continue onto the next level of his college course at Plumpton in forestry and arboriculture, whilst maintaining work placement connections and playing competitive frisbee.

David M will continue onto the next level of his sports course at Chichester college, with aspirations of studying sport and playing rugby at university.

Stefan has aspirations for the music industry and will continue onto the next level of his music production course at college, whilst also continuing to write, record, and perform his own music.

Callum Mc takes the next step in moving onto higher education and will attend university at ICTheater in Brighton to study Acting for the 21st Century.

Junayd S will return to his home area and has already found a place to live - a huge independent step to take! He aspires to make full use of his graphics qualification and go into sign design and car wrapping.

The whole Muntham community is very proud of all you have achieved and looks forward to hearing about your continued success.

One of our lovely year 11s is leaving us this July. Charlie has been at Muntham House for very many years, starting here in 2017 as a little fellow, and now leaving us as a tall, strong, mature young man. Charlie has been hugely successful at Muntham, having transitioned into main school and lived on-site as a boarder. 

Charlie will receive his GCSE results in the summer, and has shown particular skill in Art, in Mechanics and in Design Technology. We are so proud of Charlie - he has been successful as one of many applicants securing one of only a few places at his local college to continue his studies.
Charlie, we know you will be successful and wish you much good luck and happiness. Please keep in touch!


We also say goodbye to Alex G this term. Alex has been successful in transitioning back to mainstream education. We couldn’t be prouder of Alex and we know he will make the most of every opportunity. All the best, Alex!


This term we say goodbye to Mr Carthy, who is relocating with his family.

Mr Carthy started at Muntham House School 5 years ago and has been instrumental in the development and care of all our pupils, particularly our current Year 9 cohort. He has worked in Food-tech both as a subject-specific LSA and as a leader of the cooking reward activities, in Primary and in Forest School, leading Friday Reward Trips and has been a 1:1 mentor for many of our young pupils.

Mr Carthy will be missed greatly, but his wise words and calm presence will live on forever.  We wish you the greatest success and happiness, Mr Carthy!


Tutor group 7b had a great time on their end-of-year trip. The pupils enjoyed Crazy Golf. They were as competitive as ever, but team spirit and friendships prevailed and plenty of fun was had.  We then finished the day off with fish and chips on the beach before having a paddle in the sea. 

Group 9A decided on a movie and bowling for their end-of-year trip. We visited Cineworld to watch 'Thor: Love and Thunder', and enjoyed the immersive experience in the IMAX screening. It was then on to bowling for a team vs team game, which meant that thankfully some of us could have the barriers up! We all enjoyed a lovely lunch and slushies, but most of all, we were glad to be in the air conditioning for the day! We finished our day trip with some tree climbing and a walk around.

Throughout the week, the pupils have had an opportunity to develop and expand their problem-solving skills and experiential learning as part of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) week. This has enabled classes to mix and allowed pupils to work collaboratively with other pupils.

You’ve heard about oil spills on the news, you’ve read about the clean-up in the newspaper. On Thursday the primary pupils had an opportunity to experiment with creating their own and explore how difficult it would be to clear this up. They tested and examined different materials, looking to develop a hypothesis for what they thought would happen and then trying it out.

After finding out how difficult cleaning up oil spillages are, the pupils were then set the challenge to make a successful way to transport an egg from the treehouse down to the ground using a zip wire. They had to consider the safety of the egg, its design and how can they make it travel from the top to the bottom. This produced several creative designs and, as you can imagine, some were more successful than others.

In the afternoon, the Infants tried to release the animals (plastic figures!) trapped in the ice, whilst the Juniors managed to capture a cloud in a jar and then recreate how rain is formed in a cloud and then drops down. All activities provided a hands-on approach to learning, looking at different ways to share ideas and overcome different challenges.

During STEAM week the children took part in many activities, with Monday being a big focus on Science experiments. The children took part in Volcano explosions, Milktastic, Slime making, Rocket explosions, and making their own water fountains. This allowed the children to think about the experiment they were making and be hands-on with it. It also encouraged them to use their problem-solving skills when things did not go how they expected, using their scientific skills to explain why.

On Tuesday of STEAM week, the boys enjoyed taking part in making edible soil cups. They shared prior knowledge of soil and engaged in group discussion to recall how soil differs and how it is linked to animal habitats and the growth of plants.  All pupils managed to break down the different layers of soil and used different edible foods to recreate the different layers!

Through the farm, the boys created symmetrical butterfly prints using natural resources to create a colourful print on the material using a pressing technique. 

In the afternoon, all three of the junior classes engaged in 'splat and chat'-based sessions focusing on step-by-step painting using different blending techniques with sponges and fine paint brushes! 

The end of the term is the best time of year when we can celebrate all our pupil's achievements.

As the year comes to a close, I would like to thank everyone who has supported the library and helped to make it another successful year. The engagement from the pupils has been excellent.

All the pupils have worked tirelessly this year to improve their reading skills, as the league chart below shows you. Each pupil has received a £20 Amazon voucher - the gold award this term goes to Kion for the second time. He will also receive a bundle of books of his choice. Kion has applied himself this year and has taken responsibility for his learning. He has taken what he has learned, and is now using his new skills across the school. Kion ends the year as a more capable and confident young man, with positive self-belief in himself and his reading.



We also celebrate our 100% club, and our winner for the summer term is Kye.

Reading for a purpose and pleasure helps keep pupils focused and engaged, and reading helps to reinforce comprehension. Reading will help pupils who tend to rush, to take their time reading so they won't skip over key elements in the text. Our pupils have shown lots of examples of this throughout the year. Here at Muntham, we like to make sure that reading is at the core of everything we do. We strongly recommend that all our pupils continue to read for at least 20 minutes a day throughout the holiday.

Have a great summer everyone! Happy reading everyone!