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March 2018


Today we hosted a workshop for some of our parents and carers, with the intended outcome of establishing a network between like-minded people. During a parent led morning, we all enjoyed coffee and cake and discussed experiences and strategies used in managing our challenging young people. It was an enjoyable and instructive morning and we are very grateful to our guests who clearly have lots of truly excellent ideas.


Naturally it is inappropriate to document such an informal conversation however in summary we discussed a comprehensive range of behavioural issues with the general consensus agreeing that raising young people with SEN is hard work and can seem unremitting. One parent outlined her structured family life which included her children sharing in household chores in return for iPad time. She also described the token system that she has established. Whilst she agreed that it had been tough to embed, she assured the group that it is worth it. It was also very helpful to hear about the experiences of all the group, and to note the differences but also the commonality of the families.


Many thanks to everyone who attended and please everyone, look out for further dates to follow!

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