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Key Stage 2 SATS 2018


Last week our Year 6 pupils undertook their Key Stage 2 SATs and did themselves proud. Over the course of the week they complete two grammar, punctuation and spelling papers along with a reading paper in English, followed by one arithmetic paper and two reasoning papers in maths. It was a long tiring week for them but they did the school proud!


Each day the pupils engaged fully in their tasks and each gave their full concentration and effort to their work. Alongside the opportunity these tests gave the pupils to provide evidence to their academic abilities it gave a far greater opportunity to display the skills that will not be measured by their results. Each pupil displayed an admirable level of determination, resilience, self-regulation and focus, that while not accounted for in their results was not un-noticed by our staff.


Our main aim with our Primary pupils is to progress them to be Secondary ready, this is measured through their task orientation and classroom management progress. The way the pupils conducted themselves demonstrated their developing emotional awareness, their ability to communicate and use strategies, their capability to see the main goal and set smaller targets to reach it as well as their respect for their own and others learning.


In recognition of their achievements, they all received a letter from their teachers and Mrs Vose, our Chair of Governors, wrote to them personal to share the feelings of both her and the governing body.

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