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At Muntham House, our CYPs have the opportunity to study both History and Geography from Primary level through to GCSE content.


The key aspects studied in History include Chronology, evaluation of primary and secondary sources, researching and investigating evidence and source materials through to more substantial content matters such as Kings and Queens, Roman Britain, ancient Egypt, the Industrial Revolution, Civil Rights in the USA, the Vietnam War, the Cold War, Origins of the first and second world war as well as the rise of Hitler and Fascism during the twentieth century.


Geography based work centres around Human and Physical geography. From Primary level content, the emphasis is on key map work and skills. Investigating people and places, countries and capitals, continents, ordnance survey maps, compass directions and case studies on a third world nation.


CYPs who choose Geography as a GCSE option study core units: revolving around human and physical geography, touching on such topics as population change, migration, LEDCs and MEDCs, Rocks and erosion.

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