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We at Muntham House work with a private company called Equine Partners based in Wisborough Green.  Once a week carefully identified pupils go with a member of staff to engage in Therapeutic Horsemanship.


Therapeutic Horsemanship is an opportunity for young people to develop horsemanship skills.  Over a number of sessions they will build a relationship with the horse and learn to play a number of games with it.


Equine Partners offers us a one-to-one service and our joint aim is that the young people develop strategies that will be helpful to them in every area of their lives whilst having fun and developing new skills.  Sessions can cover such topics as building rapport (getting along with people), hygiene, being assertive, building confidence, positive communication and managing emotions.


The programme developed by Equine Partners is a combination of one-to-one pony share, which works on a basic syllabus of horsemanship, and uses NLP linguistics and a Brief Solutions approach to enable the students to think about life, and how they might improve their life outside the field.


They use NLP and Solutions skills to enable our students to process the difficulties in their lives. Because they are doing this whilst working and developing a relationship with the horses it is helpful for those who find sitting in a more formal counselling session difficult.  

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