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Governors' Work 2018/19


As we are half way through the school year we thought you might be interested in hearing about some of the work we have been doing so far. This year we were joined by two new governors , Dr Steve Fisher, and Michelle Wright from the FIT team , they have been really good additions to the governing body and enjoying taking part in the governance of the school. We have continued with our full governing body meetings every half term and our committee meetings every half term covering Estates, Finance, Education, Care and Welfare, Personnel as well as many other visits and meetings with students and staff.




  • Our major task in the Autumn Tern was the appointment of a new Principal although work for this began as far back as January 2018. This was a very important piece of work for us and we were delighted not only with the outcome of Mr Anderson’s appointment but with the process which all the candidates said had been very gruelling but very enjoyable. All the staff and governors and students were involved over the two days but a particular highlight was the interview by the Student Council which the candidates (including Mr Anderson) said was the toughest of the two days.
  • In the Autumn Term we also undertook out annual safeguarding training which is based around a document entitled Keeping Children Safe in Education which is statutory guidance from the Department of Education and had been updated for September 2018.
  • The Education Committee begins every meeting with presentations from staff or students and this year has had presentations on English, Interventions to help students’ progress and the Care Curriculum. Mr Anderson always gives a report on the progress pupils are making and we look at all the data that staff have been working on to identify each students’ next steps in learning .
  • Estates and Finance have been very busy; a rolling maintenance programme has been put in place to make sure the building and facilities are in the best possible order for the boys. New kitchens have been installed on the residential floors and the new outdoor equipment established which appears to be much enjoyed by students of all ages.
  • We also initiated a review of security to ensure the safety of staff and students and several improvements have been made as part of an ongoing project.
  • The Finance Committee have been working very closely with the business manager to update our financial systems and ensuring the financial security of the school through many discussions with Local Authorities.
  • Our Personnel and Care and Welfare committees have worked very closely with the school ensuring the well being of students and staff and our Safeguarding Governor meets with a small group of staff every three weeks to review any concerns or issues.
  • We have carried out three Standard 20 visits which are unannounced inspections of all aspects of Care and Residential provision; these are carried out by the Safeguarding Governor, the Chair of Governors and an independent visitor who has no direct connection with the school but acts as our external eyes and ears.
  • We have also had dinner in the EEU which is a great experience and we are made to feel very welcome by the students who often use it as an opportunity to submit some requests!




  • Appointment of a new Deputy Principal/ Head of Education
  • Extension of dining room
  • Planning new Primary Classroom
  • Parents’ survey
  • Staff questionnaire
  • Transition plan for outgoing/incoming Principal
  • Governors’ workshop at Engage Conference
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