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French Curriculum Day

Picture 1 Building the Eiffel Tower
Picture 2 Tasting L'Escargots

On Friday 12th December 2014 all pupils at Muntham House School celebrated language and French culture by completing a whole school curriculum day where the normal timetable was collapsed and replaced with activities centred around France.  Pupils were split into six groups and then completed a range of problem solving and team building activities:


French conversation

Building mini Eiffel towers

Pink Panther Challenge

French geographical Landmark challenge

French boules

French revolution

French food tasting

Mac café


The achievements of all pupils was celebrated in a whole school assembly at the end of the day.  Individual pupils were recognised for their outstanding effort across the day and awarded with small prizes for their efforts.  


This French curriculum was day was a great success with all pupils speaking  a great deal of basic French language and interacting positively together with pupils from both older and younger year groups.  French food was enjoyed by all across the school both in the Mac café and the French food tasting, it certainly impressed me how many of our pupils were brave enough to try the frogs legs!  





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