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Students in our Extended Education Unit have this year been offered the opportunity to take a course in Food Technology. This is not just ‘Cookery’; students will learn about safe, hygienic and secure working environments in hospitality, effective teamwork and food safety in catering. They can also choose to learn how to use a variety of kitchen equipment, how to set up an industrial kitchen, how to give good customer service and how to deal with budgeting and taking payments.


The students have enjoyed learning production skills, making some delicious dishes such as Sweet and Sour Chicken, Macaroni Cheese, Chilli Con Carne and Sponge Puddings. Students are encouraged to produce products that are healthy, that can be adapted to suit different dietary needs and that could be produced on a large scale. The dairy free banana muffins were especially popular. They have also learnt about different nutrients found in food and how to make and store food safely. There is an emphasis on students working independently and experimental approaches are encouraged. We are all looking forward to trying out new skills and methods as well as learning more about how to use a kitchen effectively and safely.


The students are also now cooking with our Chef, David Sweet, and are working towards the Jamie Oliver BTech Level 1 qualification.


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