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Extreme Weather




Very little of the forecast snow fell in the Barns Green area last evening, so school can open safely today.  If your area was badly affected by snow please only make a journey if and when it is safe to do so.




In the event of adverse weather, our aim is to keep the school open if it is safe to do so, and at all possible. We aim to give notice as early as possible if it is necessary to close, but we will endeavour to keep open if possible.



What will happen if there is a snowfall?

The school will contact a number of staff in the local area.  The purpose is to make a risk assessment of both the site and whether we can get sufficient staff into school.

When will parents/carers know what is happening?
A message will be posted on the school website by 8.00am.  The main school telephone (01403 730302) will also be manned for those of you who do not have Internet access.

How will we cover classes if the school is open but not all staff are able to travel to work?
This will be our most difficult situation as many staff live over 10 miles away.  We may have to amalgamate classes or set up a temporary timetable based on which staff are able to get to school.

Information relating to day pupils
In the case of day pupils the school may decide to adjust opening and closing times, depending on weather conditions and safety for all.  If the weather closes in during the day it may be sensible for us to call taxis in earlier than normal to ensure that pupils are delivered home safely.  Parents/carers will be notified by telephone if this is the case.

Information relating to residential pupils
In the case of residential pupils at school when weather deteriorates, careful consideration will be given to decide the safest option.  It may be safer to keep pupils in school rather than transport home.  Staff will update parents by telephone if the situation arises.  If residential pupils are at home when weather deteriorates please follow above procedures ie website or telephone.

Main reasons for closing school temporarily

  • Loss of power (utilities)
  • Too few staff available (Health & Safety)
  • Lack of provisions due to non delivery of goods
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