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Pupils at Muntham House access the National Curriculum requirements in English through a variety of taught sessions. Pupils in Key Stage 2, 3, 4 and 5 are given purpose for their writing through topic work. This means that they are presented with a theme and through research and experience they engage with the topic to end in a final writing outcome. Their reading is encouraged and supported through library sessions where pupils have 1:1 time to read aloud as well as complete structured activities to extend their reading skills. Drama lessons are used to enrich the pupil’s vocabulary and help pupils increase their confidence. These sessions base themselves around communication skills and are assessed against the pupil's speaking and listening achievements.


The school has two large classrooms, one with computers, for the topic work. A small and inviting library connected to a work room called The Hub where the 1:1 reading work can be undertaken, and a large hall area including an interactive whiteboard for drama lessons.


In Key Stage 2 and 3 the pupils collect their work in a portfolio style Topic book and reading log. As they move further through the school to Key Stage 4 and 5, their work gets collected in their GCSE files as potential coursework pieces that can be revisited before finally submitting them in the Spring Term in Year 11.

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