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The Education Committee of the Board of Governors meets twice termly between full governors’ meetings to engage in discussion and dialogue with the Education leadership of the school and to fulfil the governors’ monitoring of the provision of learning across the school. In our meetings we receive a detailed report from the Deputy Principal on all aspects of education; data to outline the current attainment and progress of the students, reports on staff training and the quality of teaching, the activities, both inside and outside school, that the boys are undertaking as part of their wider education and discussion on future planning to improve opportunities for learning for all students. The Teacher Governor always reports on staff issues and perspectives and we review the progress of the School Improvement Plan. This year at every committee meeting we are having a presentation from a range of members of staff on many aspects of learning in the school, from the data used to assess and track progress, the new school website, the work of the Literacy Team, the use of assessment by staff in planning for students’ needs, not forgetting a presentation from the School Council on learning from the students’ view.


As well as holding our regular committee meetings, the Education Governors undertake many activities within the school to ensure we have a good knowledge and understanding of the curriculum at work and the achievements of the students across many subjects. Our very experienced Science Governor liaises with the Science staff to support the development of this important subject that makes a strong contribution to the boys’ progress. Our Parent Governor has strong links to many areas in the school, with close liaison with the EEU, with a range of subjects, such as DT, and supports their development in practical ways as well as offering encouragement and challenge. The Chairman of the Committee works closely with the Deputy Principal through twice termly “Learning Walks” when we spend a morning visiting all classrooms, looking at work in books, discussing lessons and targets with the boys and teachers, looking at displays of work and talking to staff about many aspects of learning. We pay particular attention to literacy and numeracy across the whole school and are always keen to see the care that all staff give to developing good reading, writing and Maths skills in all subjects.  We also meet the school Business Manager twice termly to review the education budget to ensure that funds are being well spent to give the boys the best opportunities to achieve as much as they can during their time in school.   


Our aim is always to make sure that students are receiving the best possible quality education at Muntham House and that the committed and caring staff are both supported and challenged in their very important work and that we, the Governors, play our part in the life of the school.



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