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Muntham House offers Careers lessons to Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4. The students will follow the ASDAN Careers and Experiencing Work programme where they can achieve credits for work/hours completed this will then link to the ACEG framework for the careers. The students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of Careers education and workplace skills. As their learning and confidence grow, the students will discover their strengths, weaknesses and employability skills.


Some of the modules covered include:


  • Self-Development
  • Career exploration/Management
  • Considering college or apprenticeships
  • Considering Higher Education
  • Preparing for work
  • Being at work

At the end of the course, Key Stage 3 will have a better understanding of themselves and the expectations that others have of them. They will begin to discover how the world of work is changing and their part in it. Change is inevitable; the students will learn how to plan ahead when change is happening to them either in or out of school.


As the students move into Key Stage 4, the course will encourage the development of their personal values towards their career, through debate, review, reflection and action plans, discussing these with tutors and careers teachers. They will be using a wide range of information resources to create a plan for their future. The course will help them to relate finance and management of money to the decisions they will need to make daily.


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