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Anthony at Bognor Regis FC

On 24th November 2015 Anthony started his Work Experience placement at Bognor Regis FC.  He arrived in good time and chose appropriate clothes to wear.  Once there, Anthony greeted all the people that he has come to know at the Club.  His task of the day was to help Mick (a volunteer at the club) to fix an advertising board.  Anthony got stuck into the task and Mick explained to him the business side of advertising boards and the money that they bring to the Football Club.


Anthony asked lots of interesting questions and Mick told him all that he could.  After Anthony had repaired the board with Mick they re-hung it and it looked perfect.  Anthony said he felt good about doing the job.  At this point it started to rain so Anthony and Mr Hellyer washed their hands and got ready for lunch.  This was a superb day for Anthony.


Before Anthony left the ground he made a point of seeing every member of staff and saying thank you to them, another good life skill Anthony has learnt and is using well.  An excellent day!


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