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Outdoor Education

The Outdoor Education school programme is designed to engage and challenge all pupils in Key Stage 3 and below with the boys who are focusing on their GCSE’s having alternate days throughout the terms.  Some of the activities are physically challenging whereas some will be more mentally stimulating; it’s not just an adrenaline fuelled programme.  By engaging in activities with an element of controlled risk and uncertain outcome, we get to experience the definition of adventure.  The emotional strength gained from these activities will enable the students to then transfer them in meeting and overcoming obstacles that they face in school education, forging relationships and everyday tribulations.


The students will be taking part in mountain biking, hiking, kayaking, orienteering, climbing, abseiling and many more activities that the year will allow us to try.  The levels of learning will come through the Asdan programme and outside agencies all aimed at improving their fitness, awareness of the outdoors as well as improving their mental resilience.



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