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Zoo Lab Visit Active Learning Day

Our pupils were lucky enough to be visited by Zoo Lab for a day of active learning across the curriculum. Zoo Lab bought in lots of different fun animals and insects. The pupils got to hold and touch and handle the animals and understand more about them and how they live in the wild. Pupils got to look at a snake, giant cockroach, rat, giant snail, tarantula, african millipede, giant stick insect and a giant tree frog. It was wonderful to watch our pupils overcome the initial fear to relax and become confident in handling each of them.


Pupils got to see the relevance of animals to us as human beings and to understand our place on this planet. The ranger from Zoo Lab was excellent with the pupils teaching them all about every different animal covering their habitats and feeding. The ranger was enthusiastic and informative throughout the day which kept pupils engaged in finding out more about each animal. This was a truly unique learning experience for all of our pupils which they are never going to forget.


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