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Muntham House ICT & Computer Science department promotes the use of technology in an array of contexts not only in school, home, and the community that we live in but also in real life terms of business and industry.  In these environments the CYPs are given the opportunity to obtain competence, capability and critical skills through the implementation, use and evaluation of a range of Information Technology methods.


The department teaches these key skills throughout key stage 2&3.  It also supports other departments in their use of ICT systems at all levels - aiming to encourage and develop a truly cross-curricular model for the use of ICT throughout the school.  Our whole-school ICT strategy aims to give both pupils and staff the skills they require to access the school’s networked resources and the confidence to use applications software wherever they might need it in order to enhance teaching and learning throughout the school.

All departments are encouraged to use word processing, spreadsheet and presentation packages as part of their normal curriculum and many departments teach specific ICT skills using specialist software.  Below is a list of some of the areas covered by the ICT department.


  • Fundamentals in ICT and computer science
  • Word processing
  • Databases
  • Spreadsheets
  • Graphics
  • Using the Internet: safety and netiquette
  • Information presentation
  • Information retrieval
  • Manipulating and plotting data
  • Multimedia authoring and electronic publishing
  • Modelling and simulation
  • Computer programming
  • Music composition and notation
  • Web site creation


The work of the ICT department is modular based, reflecting the exam board chosen for key stage 4.  In practice its aim is to facilitate the use of ICT in a broad range of subjects throughout the whole school so that staff and CYPs can enhance the learning in them by the offering of a wider experience.  CYPs are encouraged to develop informed, intelligent and confident ICT abilities and attitudes which, as well as being of value in school, prepare them for their further education and careers.




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