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Family Induction Team


Muntham House School sees partnership with Parents and Carers as integral to the development of the young people for whom they share responsibility. Lyn and Michelle work with Parents and Carers to maintain a high quality communication and support programme to create a unified and positive response to young people’s needs.


Lyn and Michelle maintain close supervision of new pupils in their first term and where necessary use their experience to provide extra support to pupils who are experiencing severe difficulties and need extra help.


As part of our process to support Parents and Carers, the Family support and pupil Induction Team regularly invites Parents and Carers to Year Group Days  and Workshops.  The Year Group Days give Parents and Carers an opportunity to meet with each other, and over refreshments, discuss or share strategies or news.  They are informal and positive events.   Year Group Days take place in the FIT offices, in our Parents' Room.


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