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We run a weekly cooking club on a Wednesday in the EEU kitchen. The young people are always keen to see what we are going to make and enjoy sharing the results. We feel that this is a good step towards independence as this activity can promote self-sufficiency and great satisfaction when they see and taste the results. Being able to cook can improve confidence and boosts their self-esteem, especially when others appreciate what they have made. Cooking can also help with dexterity problems as the students are encouraged to do their own preparation such as chopping and preparing ingredients. In this group we also talk about good hygiene practices, as well as budgeting and shopping for good healthy ingredients at a sensible price. Staff support the students in being independent in this activity, encouraging them to following a recipe but are always available to help out with any questions. The kitchen is always a busy place on Wednesday evenings as the other young people and staff enjoy the food prepared and cooked by the group.

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